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Impulse Technologies have launched their flagship product Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) which is an ERP Solution based on standard and innovative workflows of the hospital. Apart from being user friendly it is highly Reliable, Scalable and Modular application, running on Client Server Database architecture. It is based on Oracle RDBMS and offers high level of security and ultimate performance. The reporting module of HMIS provides in depth managerial inputs for smart decision making which serves as the basis for strategic planning.

Our implementation team has top class experience in implementing the Hospital Management Information System in hospitals ranging from 30 bedded community hospital to 500 bedded super specialty hospitals. HMIS can be interfaced with the Smart Card Technology, Bar Code and various Laboratory Equipments for Data Capturing. The clinical modules comprises an electronic medical record which also provides all patient data viz. images, investigation reports in a single window. This helps in providing improved clinical outcomes and care to the patients.

HMIS is a multi-entity, multi-divisional and multi-currency application which integrates Payroll and Financial accounting with other operational modules, making it distinct from other Hospital Information System (HIS).

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"..a lot of paper work was reduced after implementation of HMIS. All clinical data history is available in single window on consultant's desktop.This has reduced the patient's waiting time substantially."
...Sumant Ashtekar IT Manager

"on low margin products thereby giving insight for replacing low margin product by high matgin products."
...Dinesh Sitaphale IT Manager

"It was the first time we understood what a surgery costs to hospital.Excellent reporting tool which have helped us to design packages on competitive basis."

"We had no hassles while starting the hospital,we implemented HMIS and just followed the process embedded in the software.The result was discpline was enforced on the staff.Thanks to standard business practices designed by HMIS."
..P.Narsimhan COO
Newsletter - HMIS offers you wonderful tools to decide your strategies for higher footfalls,margins,lower consumption & much more...
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